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The composition of the Directors' personalities and personal styles is the most important basis for the Board's success.

Board Assessment, CEO Assessment Correct         Board Assessment, CEO AssessmentIncorrect

Like a CEO assessment, a Board assessment often includes a personality test. Many executives and consultants use tests like Beldin’s team roles, Enneagram, MBTI, DISC, PSI, LPI, H.D.I., Birkman, MTR-i or TMS.

Yet, these are not the most important basis for successful Boards.


More important factors are:

Board Assessment, CEO Assessment The extensive experience and expertise of the Board members; Board members who know what they are talking about

Board Assessment, CEO Assessment The Board's effective communication techniques with each other

Board Assessment, CEO Assessment Their Board experience and ability to work within a Board group

Board Assessment, CEO Assessment The Board effectiveness of their problem solving strategies, tactics and styles

Board Assessment, CEO Assessment The Director’s passion for corporate governance

These factors don’t even come up for discussion in style programs.


Tip for Board Assessment:

When discussing the behavior of one of the Board members, don’t use the results of the Board assessment that the Board member filled in. Instead, use only the person’s specific, well-articulated behavior that has been directly observed by other Board members.

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